New Book! How To Get To The Top Without Working Too Hard

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Published: 28th July 2015

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Publisher: Troubador

Millions of workers are slaving away in offices from the Americas to Zambia and enduring the soul destroying 9-5 routine producing very little with salaries to match. Office life wouldn’t be so bad if we were the CEO or at least an ESVP as we would be driven to work, have lunch on expenses, with evenings saturated with free corporate entertainment. And all we would have to do all day is offer guidance and do a bit of shouting.

Dick Lannister got to the very top at Amalgamated Industries without either an MBA or having read any book like 23 Habits of Mediocre Managers, or Who Ate My Cheese. His key advantage was having the emotional intelligence of a Kumquat and a rampant psychopathic disorder.

On the positive side, Dick, whose alimony outgoings resemble Greece’s national debt, decided to share his knowledge and wisdom so that other could also rise up the greasy pole to success. This book is the result of his generosity to the working man….

Using a splash of satire, some funny fiction and heap of humour, How To Get To The Top Without Working Too Hard finally debunks the need for an MBA or any other formal business qualification to progress up the slippery pole to management success.

The Master of Corporate Administration (MCA) covers key topics such as finance, marketing, projects and presentations. It’s a course guaranteed to set readers on the path to financial rewards, power and stock options, by answering a variety of questions that include:

  • Why do CEOs with a 4-year contract always have 5-year plans?
  • Is a liability a financial metric or a description of the leadership team?
  • How can an inanimate object like a company have corporate values?

How To Get To The Top Without Working Too Hard provides a humorous, funny and satirical look at the business and professional world.

It’s the perfect, light-hearted read for anyone who wants to get to the top…and fast!

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How To Get To The Top Without Working Too Hard by Dick Lannister

How To Get To The Top Without Working Too Hard

by Dick Lannister

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