The Author

Dick Lannister was born in South Burkshire to Mr. Lannister and his PA at the time. Quickly showing commercial prowess by selling this story to his Prep School magazine, he was rapidly moved to one of England’s toughest boarding schools, St Ramptons. Little is known of the ‘Dark Years’, as he often referred to this period, except that Mr. Dark is currently serving time at Her Majesty’s Convenience.

A straight ‘E’ student he went to Oxbreath University to study PPEd (Pottery, Packaging and Eating Disorders) where he emerged 3 years later with a typing qualification.

His father’s school friend, Sir Argyll Sutherland Paxton-Beaumont, gave him his first job as a Marketing Executive at a food processing company, where his campaign for Road Kill Twizzlers is still talked about today. From there he rose upwards quickly, moving from company to company, gaining promotions whilst leaving issues and challenges in his wake before finally being headhunted to join a top consultancy firm where he mismanaged many contracts, driving stable businesses to the edge of bankruptcy for tax purposes and taking large fees in the process.

Lannister then moved to head up Amalgamated Industries serving as COO, CEO and finally C3PEEO, driving a Strategic Risk Evaluation Management strategy that made the company a small fortune. When his tenure at Amalgamated started they had had a large fortune so it was decided that he should move on to seek other opportunities and challenges.

Unsurprisingly, such incompetence rarely goes unnoticed and he was asked to join the Institute of Mediocre Management so his experience could be shared with the glittering leadership talent that frequented its hallowed halls in Bermondsey.

Lannister has written what is now recognised, by his friends, as the leading business management book of the day, How To Get To The Top – Without Working Too Hard. (to be published on July 28th 2015)

Please note that all proceeds from this book will go straight to his tax haven bank account so not a penny will be spent on Nuclear Weapons or Battery Farming.

Dick is currently married to his 4th wife, Binky (21 yrs old former model), he understands he has a number of children.

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