What to wear for a Job Interview

Research has shown that people form a lasting impression of a person within the first few minutes of meeting them for the first time. Although Interviewers should be aware of this and make an effort to dispel these initial impressions unfortunately this emotional judgment appears hard wired into the brain. So as an interviewee you need to address this issue and make it work for you. Firstly when you enter the room, do so confidently, smile, say hello and shake hands with a firm grip. Don’t sit down until asked. Then sit up straight, don’t cross your legs or arms and look directly at the interviewer. Perfect. Of course if you do all the above wearing a clown suit or butt naked, you will certainly make an impression but it’s unlikely to be a good one. So what to wear? The Clothing Retailers Association Partnership has come up with a scientifically proven set of interview wear that should tick all the boxes to ensure that the vital first impression is positive and it will set you up immediately as the probable candidate for the role. They suggest:

  • One colour, conservative suit
  • Coordinated blouse
  • Sensible shoes, you can have heels but don’t totter
  • Restrained jewellery
  • Tan or light tights

Your hair should be tidy, clean and should not fall over your face. Constantly putting it back behind your ears can be irritating. Tie it back if it’s too long. Make-up should be discrete with a touch of lipstick of a subdued colour. Avoid upfront colours here, black and red are for nights out only! Finally, you can sashay into the room but don’t overdo the wiggle. Right follow this guidance and you will be set for success and good luck!! That’s the boys sorted and a later post I will give some hints and tips on what girls should wear.

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