Boss marks email ‘urgent,’ CC’s entire office asking for ETA on never-before-introduced project

This is a very salutary lesson for all I.M.M. member managers. I am reblogging an important use case from the U.S. where quite obviously the Boss was using telepathy to communicate a project’s details and none of the employees were tuned in. So whose fault was this? The I.M.M. can offer employee telepathy lessons for members and I hope Mount Allison University H.R will be in contact shortly.

The Manatee

Sackville — Those employed at the secretariat office of Mount Allison University were left scratching their heads this morning when they all received an email marked “urgent” on a project that had as of yet never been discussed.

The fateful email, sent from to the university secretary to the president himself, copied 16 other employees and demanded to know when an important project would be finished.

“I don’t even know what the heck the project is about — I’ve never heard of it,” spat Jane Reardon, longtime employee of the university. “She sends me about 10 emails a day and they’re always marked ‘urgent.’ This one only CC’d me, so I might be off the hook? I don’t know.”

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