The Seagull Manager

Do you get in a flap when things go wrong? Is your management style based on just making a lot of noise i.e. style but no substance? Do you crap on subordinates? Then you may well qualify for the I.M.M. Seagull Management course. See below for Corporate Life 101’s qualifications necessary to participate.

Corporate Life 101

The seagull manager is such an integral part of the corporate scene that it is difficult to separate the two with any reasonable or even unreasonable force.

Those unfortunate souls who are not up to speed on corporate nuances, please educate yourself here. The seagull manager is sort of fun to watch from the periphery, if you have managed to stay outside the sphere of influence which, I hasten to add, is considerable and, more often than not, includes the entire organization. It is definitely prudent to assume that you would be showered with you-know-what sooner or later and be prepared with suitable cleansing agents.

The seagull manager descends on meetings in the blink of an eye. Let us say you are discussing the layout for a new office and attempting to logically divide the space based on departments and who needs to work with whom. In comes theā€¦

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