Jason Calacanis – Angel Investor or Man with a Mediocre Mission

Although one’s management style here at Amalgamated Industries is a little dated, for example I like my people to wear jackets and ties in the office and drink tea from cups not mugs there is a young whippersnapper from across the pond who has some interesting points. I should mention that he often wears a baseball chapeaux reversed but that does not necessarily make him a hardened criminal.

Jason off to a Union meeting

Jason off to a Union meeting

He is Jason Calacanis, I wonder if he is related to the Suffolk Calacanises, lovely people one used to hunt with his Lordship. Anyway, apologies, I digress, Mr Calacanis has some pointed advice for young people who are just starting their careers:

In your career you will find that life is a zero sum game: the winners get the prime positions and the person who comes in second place for that position is the first loser—not the second winner.”

He then advises young people to take on every project the CEO asks, because:

How the f@#k do you think she got the CEO slot, by waiting in line? By random luck? No, she f@#king took that slot.”

Awful language but then he is an entrepeneur you know.

Some other feisty tips: “never leave work before the CEO does,” and “don’t worry about your salary, just get enough money to live in a closet close to work.”

And then I rather liked this next tableau. A sort of hunting analogy, and the Lannisters used to hunt Tigers back in the day when it was a proper sport. Nowadays apparently its frowned upon.

There are two types of people in this world: killers and the killed. The people who are killed, the deer, tend to huddle around the kitchen or go on cigarette breaks and bitch and complain about everyone and everything at the company. The tigers are too busy killing it to be bothered with such things. If you see people crying and pouting walk away. Go back to work. Here’s the language:

Deer: “Bitch bitch, moan moan, blame blame, cry cry.”

Tiger: “Hmmm…that’s an interesting take on things. I gotta get shit done, good luck with that.”

Finally … solve the problems your peers are too stupid and cynical to own. 

Marvellous sentiments – I will be posting these words of wisdom in the staff canteen. He has all the makings of a magnificent mediocre manager

And by the way my Nephew has just pointed out he ‘wraps’ on Twatter or something – anyway here’s the link  YOU ARE L


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