Christmas, a time of hardship and crisis for the fortunate minority

Brian, not his real name, has spoken to this Blog on the basis that we do not reveal his true identity. Brian is very, very depressed and is all alone in the Social Media world with no-one to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat or even ring to talk though his issues with.

Brian is really quite upset as you can see

Brian is really quite upset as you can see

Brian has a well-paid job, a happy marriage and two healthy, well brought up and obedient children and he also gets on extremely well with his Mother-in-Law.

And that’s where his Xmas problems started. Brian and his family are looking forward to the festive season, as they do every year, where they will, as usual, have a fun filled, family centric time together, eating well but healthily with a few drinks but well within the acceptable number of units as recommended by the Health watchdog. They will then watch the Queen’s speech before washing up together whilst singing carols.

Brian is therefore unable to join in the run up to Xmas Faceblog Twatter ‘conversation’ and ‘engage’ with everyone from Agony Aunts to concerned Mum’s Media who have helpfully provided lists of ‘How to Have a Happy Xmas’ do’s and don’ts.  With no crises to communicate, he has been boycotted and ostracised although he admits that in 2011 he did tweet about how it was all going really very well at his place and he was immediately trolled and had to go into Social Media hiding for months.

His almost complete exclusion now from being an active participant in cyber space has been further driven by admissions that he bought a 50 inch TV the week after black Friday for slightly less than half that price, all his items purchased on Manic Monday were in stock and were delivered 24hrs later and that his Xmas food order has now arrived complete with nothing missing or damaged.

So on top being thrown out of the Twitter sphere, the serious and significant financial implications of being unable to complain about anything means that he will not be receiving any complimentary vouchers, money off coupons or a chance to enjoy 15 minutes of fame complaining on a consumer show. And now even his work colleagues, who having heard he is going to be promoted again, are shunning him at the Xmas Office drinks.

So while at this time of year we often turn our thoughts to those less fortunate than ourselves please also spare a moment to think about those who are more fortunate and are often forgotten. You can help by making a donation to the ‘What Crisis at Christmas Fund’ where next year:

  • £5 will allow us to re-route his wife’s present so it arrives late and broken on the 27th December
  • £10 will mean that Brian receives the Very Vegan hamper for Xmas rather than the Turkey and trimmings one
  • £50 enables a Xmas Eve burglar to enter and steal his Kids presents

Thank you one and all. Happy Holidays

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