Ridiculous Reasons For Throwing a Sickie….

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Have your workmates called in sick today? I’m not saying they are faking it, but it’s gorgeous weather outside, a new season of Orange is the New Black just hit Netflix and research from jobs site Reed.co.uk shows that Friday is the most popular day to skive off.

The jobs site also asked employers to compile their most ridiculous excuses. We challenge anyone to get away with number 2.

  • Oh, I thought it was Sunday…is it Monday today?
  • My dog ate my iphone so I couldn’t find the place
  • We have had a bereavement in the family… budgie died
  • I’ve been waiting for a bus for 3 hours
  • I’m really sorry I cannot make it into work this morning as I have sunburned feet.

And here are their most frequently heard excuses, some of which are more reasonable.

  • I’m sick
  • A member of my family is sick
  • I’m in A&E
  • My phone battery died
  • My dog is sick
  • I was robbed last night
  • I fainted on the way to work
  • I don’t feel like going in
  • I’ve broken my leg
  • I’m locked out of my house

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