Should you study for an MBA or an MCA?

Want a FREE Copy? See below..

Like a FREE Copy? See below..

Take this short test to find out if you should study for an MBA (Master of Business Administration) or an MCA (Master of Corporate Administration)

Q1: Your working week should be:

  1. A]  Monday to Friday, nine to five
  2. B]  Eighty-hour weeks and some Sundays
  3. C]  Shift work
  4. D]  It fits around my life

Q2: The CEO calls, do you:

  1. A]  Drop everything and clear your desk for action
  2. B]  Ignore the call as it must be a mistake
  3. C]  Send through a PowerPoint presentation you prepared a while ago
  4. D]  Run straight to their office shouting, ‘I’m here, I’m here…’

Q3: Your team badly screws up so you:

  1. A]  Take full responsibility, fix the damage and then offer to resign
  2. B]  Take full responsibility and fix the damage
  3. C]  Promise to fix the damage if you get the time
  4. D]  Blame another department

Q4: A project is:

  1. A] A series of tasks designed to deliver a defined objective.
  2. B]  A lot of documents, charts and meetings
  3. C]  A series of linked actions defined by a hypothetical timeline
  4. D]  No idea – the workers do that sort of thing

Q5: To communicate with your Mexican office colleagues:

  1. A]  Speak to them in Spanish
  2. B]  Speak in English but employ a translator
  3. C]  Speak in English loudly and wave your arms
  4. D]  Use a PowerPoint presentation and suggest they employ a translator

ANSWERS: Obviously D is the right answer for an MCA candidate in all the above.

  • Five Ds or more: Well done, you are well on your way to success with little effort and score a bonus point if you went straight to the answers.
  • Three or four Ds: That moral compass of yours is pointing in the wrong direction. Adjust and try again: 
  • One or two Ds: Middle management beckons
  • No Ds: Perhaps an MBA is a better option.
(An extract from : How To Get To The Top Without Working Too Hard published by Troubador and available here and at all other good online book stores)
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