How To Get To The Top Without Working Too Hard only 99p/99c ending soon!!!

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If you think the term ‘low-hanging fruit’ should describe a soft object that hits you on the head as you walk through an orchard, rather than a business opportunity that is easy to deliver, then you will love this book!

How To Get To The Top Without Working Too Hard finally debunks the need for an MBA or any other formal business qualification to progress up the slippery pole to management success. Dick Lannister reveals the strategies and cunning plans that an aspiring executive needs to get to the top but who, crucially, doesn’t want to work too hard to get there.

The Master of Corporate Administration (MCA) covers key topics such as finance, marketing, projects and presentations. It’s a course guaranteed to set readers on the path to

  • Financial rewards
  • Power
  • Share options

by answering a variety of questions that include:

  • Why do CEOs with a 4-year contract always have 5-year plans?
  • Is a liability a financial metric or a description of the leadership team?
  • How can an inanimate object like a company have corporate values?

How To Get To The Top Without Working Too Hard provides a humorous look at the business and professional world. It’s the perfect, light-hearted read for anyone who wants to get to the top… and fast!

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